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Thursday, November 26th, 2015

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Mike has been consultant with Oscar Schmidt International since 1987 and is the UK's sole supplier of and adviser on Autoharps produced by this company, who have been the principal makers of the instrument since the 1920s, holding the rights to the name 'Autoharp'. This is both a generic term for the chorded zither and also a brand name.

Mike has used Oscar Schmidt instruments since the early 1970s and today still plays them for both teaching and concert work in addition to several hand-made autoharps supplied by individual luthiers.

Mike is the only person in the UK who can supply advice, expertise and the instruments themselves direct from Oscar Schmidt also assisting UK players with accessories such as individual strings and chord bar felts for just about any autoharp.

Mike can supply any Oscar Schmidt autoharp or part and deals with all ordering, international shipping, payment of duty and servicing before forwarding on to clients. Total delivery time via air shipping is aproximately two weeks. His preference for playing and teaching on the chromatic autoharp is any Oscar Schmidt 'C' model; that is the 21 chord version with chord bars in three rows which can be easily re-arranged to suit the needs of the individual player. Although it is still possible to obtain 15-chord Autoharps Mike does not recommend them, although he will order for people who specifically require them.

I am pleased to report that the Oscar Schmidt factory re-location is complete and autoharps and full accessories are available again. The autoharp models on this website are the ones I especially like and recommend - the OS21C Classic, the OS73C Re-Issue, and the OS100C Centurion - but I can supply any model from the OS catalogue upon request and discussion. Please check the Oscar Schmidt website for other models and apply to me for a price . As ever, it is advisable to fully discuss your needs with me before placing an order. With the new re-opening there are some significant price increases and this is reflected in my new prices to UK clients. It is important to stress, though, that if you order through me you are not involved in any overseas payments, making one single payment to me, that I deal with all duty and VAT, and if anything goes wrong (transit damage, loss, receiving an instrument that has a fault with it) then I deal with it and the client is covered for any due replacement and is not involved in the inconvenience of dealing with a difficulty emanating from abroad. You might obtain autoharps less expensively elsewhere, but will you get the support and reliable advice ? Mike Fenton, Herefordshire, July 2013.

Mike also offers a free tuning service for life for any Autoharp supplied by him (in fact Mike has never charged for tuning ANY autoharp!) It may be possible to obtain Autoharps more cheaply elsewhere, e.g. on eBay, or by purchasing inferior factory-made models, but prospective customers should take into account the costs involved in shipping charges and Customs/VAT duty, the availability of accessories and the fact that they are buying into Mike's knowledge. He takes a very dim view of music shops that sell chorded zithers but cannot provide any information, back-up service or parts.

Mike prides himself on the personal service he offers his clients who wish to purchase an autoharp. To ensure the very best possible service it is essential that prospective buyers contact Mike to arrange a chat prior to ordering in order to discuss requirements fully.

Mike can also put you in touch with Autoharp enthusiasts in your area with knowledge and support and can provide expert advice for UK folk wishing to move into diatonic autoharp and those considering investing in a customised luther 'harp.

Online Store Now Open!

'harperscraft online store is now open for you to place an order online for your new Autoharp.

Some Popular Oscar Schmidt 'C' Models

OS21C 'The Classic'
OS100-21 'Centurion'
OS73C 'The Re-issue'
OS21C Autoharp